Let your GitHub speak for you!

Shaivi Ganatra
3 min readJul 19, 2020


As we are aware, this new feature of Github with its exclusive profile and stats record is rolling out and trending enough!

So, let’s create one for your profile!

But, before that, Why should this Profile Readme be in your TODO?

Importance of Digital Profile (https://www.freepik.com/premium-vector/digital-marketing-computer-profile-notification_2619433.htm)
  1. Digital Profile always acts as a first identity to other people visiting / exploring your profile.
  2. It creates an impression which makes those people either more interested to explore you or just ignore the rest.
  3. Projects play the most important role of an individual’s profile, profile readme and stats records are just adding more value to the GitHub Account.

For Profile Readme, GitHub account is a prerequisite.

Account on GitHub (https://www.kindpng.com/imgv/TmTwbhJ_github-logo-github-transparent-background-png-png-download/)
  • Open GitHub site.
  • Open your Profile and click on the New Repository option.
GitHub Profile Page
  • For this Profile readme, one needs to create a special type of repository. The name of this repository should be the same as that of one’s GitHub username. Once that is done, a secret pop-up occurs.
GitHub Special Repository
  • It is important to create this repository as Public and also to initialize it with a readme.md file.
  • Below stage will be retrieved after clicking on the Create Repository button.
  • Next step is to click on Edit README and a file with basic structure of portfolio information opens up.
Default structure of Readme
  • Uncomment the content i.e remove line no. 3, 4, 6 and 16.
  • Details can be added according to one’s preference.
  • Links are preferred only when clickable, for that one can use MarkDown Syntax.
  • Syntax of Link : [Name of URL](URL)
  • Markdown is a way to style text on the web.
  • Commit comment can be added and Commit button can be clicked to finalize the changes.
  • So this is how one’s profile will look after performing all these steps.
Preview of Profile after all changes
  • Another feature is the GitHub Stats.
Profile Statistics (http://www.provonsys.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/Statistics@2x.png)

How to add the GitHub Stats image to the Readme file?

  • For this, one should edit username here. This link has other options such as showicons, title_color, icon_color, text_color and bg_color which can be modified if needed.
  • Now this link is to be added to the readme file in the form of an image, so again MarkDown Syntax will be used.
  • Syntax of Image : <img src="add link here">
  • Above syntax with proper link should be added to the readme file and after commit, one’s profile will look like this.
Preview of Profile after adding Stats
  • Any sort of editing, rather it would be adding headings or images can be done using Mark Down syntax.
  • Refer GitHub Guides or GitHub Docs for the syntax.

So this was all about editing GitHub with new Profile Readme and Stats Feature!